List of Some Apps Develop Using Our AMB Mobile App Builder Without Coding CMS System

These are some of apps that has been develop by our members and shared in our Facebook Group & Messenger Group. We have many apps that has been built using our system, however due to our own security system to protect our users, we do not have access to those apps unless the users send us bug ticket support for apps assistance.

Upon looking at some of the sample apps below, please do also take note, the styling, the colors, the sequence, the preference and many more areas of development & designing is entirely up to own users preferences and customization via non coding or coding.

Hence, please do not have the impressions that the apps built using our system is limited to these sample below. You need to click below to see the features & layouts that we have in order to get the general ideas of what type pf apps that our users are able to built.

Our intention of showing the samples is to show and proof to you that you are able to create a full fledged customize apps using our platform non-coding and the AMB Mobile App Builder Without Coding CMS Toolkit will help you to built your apps faster and easier.

We are 100 percent fully Mobile App Builder Without Coding CMS Development Platform and you are able to customize based on your own preferences. We have many feature pages that allows our non coders create amazing & beautiful apps without any need to learn coding however we also have feature pages that allows coders to built something new.

Please also do take note, in order to show samples, we have more than 80 layouts and 150 feature pages, so it is rather impossible for us to show all of the apps designed using all feature pages here. However we appreciate that the sample can clear some of your questions.

Please click below for you to know generally what type of apps that you are able to build using our system:

Please also do take note although coding is not required at all using our platform however we have one feature page called “Source Code” for our users who knows coding. Here they are able to built and customize any features they want to have in their apps. They are able to use HTML, CSS, Java & PHP. Pls do take note JAVA Script & PHP requires it to be in HTML Iframe. Knowing coding is not at all important for majority of our users but this is a flexibility that allows programmers to also use our system and something non-coders could expand and learn in future if they wish to do so.

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